FRISK's credo
Kaggle (Founded in 2010) is the largest data mining community of the world, with the number of users reaching 5,000,000 by 2021. Kaggle's undoubted merit is that it has been a catalyst for the spread of data science and analytics. Yet something is going wrong...
How to build a network using company data?
Today, the size of corporate data assets is constantly growing, making their exploitation a key issue. However, data owners need to be aware that their data is not equally usable. Let's start with the basics! There are two main types of data in databases: (i) numeric data, and (ii) textual data. Let us now focus on the latter...
Does Universal AI Model Exist?
I don’t know if you have a robot lawn mower at home. Honestly, I do not have one, I always liked to cut the grass on my own, but who knows, I may buy one in the future. But… hold on a minute, what a robot lawn mower is doing? You start it, and it cuts the grass automatically. Meanwhile, you can read...listen to your favorite music or even work. I mean... it is not as precise as you, but in return, you get more time...