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Network science




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    FRISK's credo
    Kaggle (Founded in 2010) is the largest data mining community of the world, with the number of users reaching 5,000,000 by 2021. Kaggle's undoubted merit is that it has been a catalyst for the spread of data science and analytics. Yet something is going wrong...
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    How to build a network using company data?
    Today, the size of corporate data assets is constantly growing, making their exploitation a key issue. However, data owners need to be aware that their data is not equally usable. Let's start with the basics! There are two main types of data in databases: (i) numeric data, and (ii) textual data. Let us now focus on the latter...
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    Does Universal AI Model Exist?
    I don’t know if you have a robot lawn mower at home. Honestly, I do not have one, I always liked to cut the grass on my own, but who knows, I may buy one in the future. But… hold on a minute, what a robot lawn mower is doing? You start it, and it cuts the grass automatically. Meanwhile, you can read...listen to your favorite music or even work. I mean... it is not as precise as you, but in return, you get more time...

Who We Are?


The 3 main founders of our team come from relatively diverse backgrounds in academia and business: data science, network science, business analytics, graph theory, artificial intelligence, NLP, and have been supported by an insurance and claims expert from the very beginning. The founders have typically been and still are researchers in academia, but they also work with the business community to provide secure and innovative solutions for new business needs. However, the different professional developments do bring the founders, who represent different specialties, very strongly together on one point: insurance fraud detection.
FRISK developed and implemented a unique and proprietary fraud detection software at KöBE (Hungary) Insurance. During the successful project, the founders realized that there is perhaps no other problem on the service side as complex as insurance fraud detection and risk management, which requires such a wide range of professional knowledge and background.
Building on existing expertise and a successfully implemented project, the vision of FRISK's founders is to put control back in the hands of insurerance companies over their own payments, using the latest technologies.
The founding members have been working together on various projects for 10 years, but FRISK in its current form was founded in 2021.



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About us

We are Scientists

We are continuously working on new data-driven methods, and we want to apply our newest technologies and methodologies in the industry

We are Fraud Experts

Altogether we have more than 30 years of experience in identifying fraudsters and their techniques. Separately we have developed many different fraud detection-oriented methodologies in the financial and insurance area

We build bridges

We believe that there is no general data science solution for each scenario. Therefore, we aim to collaborate with our clients to provide the best and most precise personalized fraud detection system.

We are ready to work with you

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