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Who We Are?


The 3 main founders of our team come from relatively diverse backgrounds in academia and business: data science, network science, business analytics, graph theory, artificial intelligence, NLP, and have been supported by an insurance and claims expert from the very beginning. The founders have typically been and still are researchers in academia, but they also work with the business community to provide secure and innovative solutions for new business needs. However, the different professional developments do bring the founders, who represent different specialties, very strongly together on one point: insurance fraud detection.


FRISK developed and implemented a unique and proprietary fraud detection software at KöBE (Hungary) Insurance. During the successful project, the founders realized that there is perhaps no other problem on the service side as complex as insurance fraud detection and risk management, which requires such a wide range of professional knowledge and background.
Building on existing expertise and a successfully implemented project, the vision of FRISK's founders is to put control back in the hands of insurerance companies over their own payments, using the latest technologies.


The founding members have been working together on various projects for 10 years, but FRISK in its current form was founded in 2021.



About us
About us

We believe that software support for fraud prevention, insurance risk management and fraud detection is a problem that can be successfully implemented on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the specific characteristics of each country and company. We do not believe in boxed products in this business. We are confident that a project can only be successful if we take 100% of the client's needs into account and provide a fully customised service, be it the front-end interface or the algorithm itself. This requires a detailed knowledge and mapping of the partner company and its processes, and the development of an algorithm tailored to the available data structure.

We know that in our work, our business partners trust us with their most important asset: their data. Accordingly, we protect it to the highest degree and provide it with complete discretion. Trust is our most important core value, alongside professional quality.

Based on our professional competences, FRISK also undertakes IT software development, business and efficiency analysis, CRM analysis and services, and full management of data science projects.

For more information about FRISK or our strategy and approach to fraud detection, please contact us using our contact details, where you can obtain information directly from the founding members.

We are Scientists

We are continuously working on new data-driven methods, and we want to apply our newest technologies and methodologies in the industry

We are Fraud Experts

Altogether we have more than 30 years of experience in identifying fraudsters and their techniques. Separately we have developed many different fraud detection-oriented methodologies in the financial and insurance area

We build bridges

We believe that there is no general data science solution for each scenario. Therefore, we aim to collaborate with our clients to provide the best and most precise personalized fraud detection system.

We are ready to work with you

Feel free to contact us and find out what the benefits of working with us can be

About us